CCNA 3 - Chapter 9 version 5.03 Exam Answers

  1. Which IOS 12.4 software package integrates full features, including voice, security, and VPN capabilities, for all routing protocols?

    • Advanced Security
    • Advanced IP Services
    • Advanced Enterprise Services
    • Service Provider Services
  2. What is the major release number in the IOS image name c1900-universalk9-mz.SPA.152-3.T.bin?

    • 2
    • 3
    • 15
    • 52
    • 1900
  3. What statement describes a Cisco IOS image with the “universalk9_npe” designation for Cisco ISR G2 routers?

    • It is an IOS version that can only be used in the United States of America.
    • It is an IOS version that provides only the IPBase feature set.
    • It is an IOS version that offers all of the Cisco IOS Software feature sets.
    • It is an IOS version that, at the request of some countries, removes any strong cryptographic functionality.
  4. Which statement describes a difference between the IOS 15.0 extended maintenance release and a standard maintenance release?

    • They consist of two separate parallel trains.
    • The extended maintenance release will deliver new IOS features as soon as they are available.
    • The standard maintenance release enables faster IOS feature delivery than the extended maintenance release does.
    • A new standard maintenance release will synchronize with the latest extended maintenance release before the extended is made available.
  5. Which three images are considered premium software packages for Cisco IOS Release 12.4? (Choose three.)

    • IP Voice
    • Enterprise Base
    • Advanced Security
    • Enterprise Services
    • Advanced IP Services
    • Advanced Enterprise Services
  6. What is the purpose of a T train release in Cisco IOS 15?

    • It is used for long-term maintenance, enabling customers to qualify, deploy, and remain on the release for an extended period.
    • It provides regular bug fix maintenance rebuilds, plus critical fix support for network-affecting bugs.
    • It provides premium packages and enables additional IOS software feature combinations that address more complex network requirements.
    • It specifies advanced IP services features such as advanced security and service provider packages.
  7. What code in the Cisco IOS 15 image filename c1900-universalk9-mz.SPA.153-3.M.bin indicates that the file is digitally signed by Cisco?

    • SPA
    • universalk9
    • M
    • mz
  8. When a router is powered on, where will the router first search for a valid IOS image to load by default?

    • RAM
    • ROM
    • flash memory
    • NVRAM
  9. A network engineer is upgrading the Cisco IOS image on a 2900 series ISR. What command could the engineer use to verify the total amount of flash memory as well as how much flash memory is currently available?

    • show flash0:
    • show version
    • show interfaces
    • show startup-config
  10. A network administrator configures a router with the command sequence:

    R1(config)# boot system tftp://c1900-universalk9-mz.SPA.152-4.M3.bin 
    R1(config)# boot system rom

    What is the effect of the command sequence?

    • On next reboot, the router will load the IOS image from ROM.
    • The router will copy the IOS image from the TFTP server and then reboot the system.
    • The router will load IOS from the TFTP server. If the image fails to load, it will load the IOS image from ROM.
    • The router will search and load a valid IOS image in the sequence of flash, TFTP, and ROM.
  11. Which two conditions should the network administrator verify before attempting to upgrade a Cisco IOS image using a TFTP server? (Choose two.)

    • Verify the name of the TFTP server using the show hosts command.
    • Verify that the TFTP server is running using the tftpdnld command.
    • Verify that the checksum for the image is valid using the show version command.
    • Verify connectivity between the router and TFTP server using the ping command.
    • Verify that there is enough flash memory for the new Cisco IOS image using the show flash command.
  12. Refer to the exhibit. Which of the three Cisco IOS images shown will load into RAM?

    CCNA3 Chapter 9 v5.03 002
    CCNA3 Chapter 9 v5.03 002
    • The router selects an image depending on the value of the configuration register.
    • The router selects the third Cisco IOS image because it is the most recent IOS image.
    • The router selects the second Cisco IOS image because it is the smallest IOS image.
    • The router selects an image depending on the boot system command in the configuration.
    • The router selects the third Cisco IOS image because it contains the advipservicesk9 image.
  13. Beginning with the Cisco IOS Software Release 15.0, which license is a prerequisite for installing additional technology pack licenses?

    • IPBase
    • DATA
    • UC
    • SEC
  14. When a customer purchases a Cisco IOS 15.0 software package, what serves as the receipt for that customer and is used to obtain the license as well?

    • Software Claim Certificate
    • End User License Agreement
    • Unique Device Identifier
    • Product Activation Key
  15. Which command would a network engineer use to find the unique device identifier of a Cisco router?

    • show version
    • show license udi
    • show running-configuration
    • license install stored-location-url
  16. In addition to IPBase, what are the three technology packs that are shipped within the universal Cisco IOS Software Release 15 image? (Choose three.)

    • Advanced IP Services
    • Advanced Enterprise Services
    • DATA
    • Security
    • SP Services
    • Unified Communications
  17. Which command is used to configure a one-time acceptance of the EULA for all Cisco IOS software packages and features?

    • license save
    • show license
    • license boot module module-name
    • license accept end user agreement
  18. How long is the evaluation license period for Cisco IOS Release 15.0 software packages?

    • 15 days
    • 30 days
    • 60 days
    • 180 days
  19. A network technician is troubleshooting problems with a router that is running IOS 15. Which command will display the features activated for the licenses that are installed on the router?

    • show flash0:
    • show license
    • show startup-config
    • show version
  20. Fill in the blank. Do not use abbreviations.
    The license   install      flash0:seck9-C1900-SPE150_K9-FAB12340099.xml command will restore the specified saved Cisco IOS Release 15 license to a router.

  21. Refer to the exhibit. Match the components of the IOS image name to their description. (Not all options are used.)

    CCNA3 Chapter 9 v5.03 001
    • Question
      CCNA3 Chapter 9 v5.03 Question 001
    • Answer
      CCNA3 Chapter 9 v5.03 Answer 001
  22. Match the description to the Cisco IOS category. (Not all options apply.)

    • Question
      CCNA3 Chapter 9 v5.03 Question 002
    • Answer
      CCNA3 Chapter 9 v5.03 Answer 002

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